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Nandika is a company with a long-standing family tradition. We are engaged in the development, preparation, production and sale of natural and wild herbs based products intended for the natural strengthening of the immune system and products which serves as an excellent support for the regeneration and recovery of our body.


Nandika is a world's leading company in the field of homeopathic-based natural preparations, with the enjoyment of which individuals increase their physical and mental abilities to a new, higher level and exceed the set goals. We love to create special, unique products for comprehensive support, prevention and strengthening of health, which act on the very cause of the problem, stimulate the self-healing of the organism and raise the level of consciousness. Nandika is a professional, efficient, technologically advanced - with a high level of care towards customers, business partners and nature. We have and promote deep holistic knowledge, nature-friendly production, up-to-date assistance and high-information support services.


Our mission is to create unique natural products by combining ancient traditional knowledge with the latest innovations in pharmacy, herbs, quantum physics, complementary and western medicine. We are asking ourselves GREAT and correct questions: What is the natural path to health? What is the secret and specialty of herbs and food? How does their combination differ from the isolated individual substances we produce from them? Are things really the way they seem to be? Are there laws or patterns based on what is happening to us in everyday life? We share our experiences and knowledge through the teachings of various healing techniques, breathing techniques and meditations, we help people to rise on a spiritual level with the intention of raising the level of psycho-physical condition, success and improvement of health.


Featured Products

Immune System & Energy

Immune System & Energy pastilles are a 100% natural food supplement. They help maintain a natural defense system, at the same time inhibit fatigue they have a positive effect on respiratory tract. They support good blood circulation and maintain physical and mental fitness. Due to the natural combination of extracts of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, medicinal mushrooms and honey, they have a strong energy effect. They improve the body’s resistance to stress and maintain overall well-being.

Heart & Vascular System

Pastilles for Heart & Vascular System are 100% natural food supplement. They help to overcome cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart failure. They support heart functions, blood circulation, vein flow and elasticity of blood vessels. The natural combination of extracts of medicinal herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, medicinal mushrooms and honey strengthen the immune system and improve overall health.

Balthasar Tincture

BALTHASAR Extract Tincture - drops are a 100% natural dietary supplement that helps to overcome insomnia, anxiety and depression. It contains a complex combination of medicinal mushrooms, which are perfect complex food for brain and body cells due to mycelium, betulinic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, B complex vitamins and beta glucans and all nutrients. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It supports better blood circulation in the body and has a positive effects on the function of the nervous system.

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