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At the heart of its name, VIVO Pluss contains 4 principles:

  • Vitality My body is vital
  • Nutrition - I choose foods that feed my body
  • Exercises - I exercise and do it regularly
  • Regeneration (energy) - My energy system is balanced and in harmony

VIVO Pluss creates a unique health philosophy: promoting a healthy lifestyle through the use of products derived from nature, exercising mind and body, restoring vital energy and providing vitality. With a pioneering spirit and a belief that nature brings back what we expect from it, a "new age" has been launched.

Introducing a line of unique, biologically active, nutritional supplements, that will improve your overall health and ensure a quality life.

Together with tradition, knowledge, experience and modern technology, unique, highly functional products have been manufactured, created according to a special recipe, of extremely high quality according to the latest standards. VIVO Pluss has chosen the original form of what gives us a quality life, which is the optimum effect and effectiveness of the plants that are the main ingredient of the preparation. Thanks to the cooperation with prominent experts in the field of production, we want to emphasize the importance in raising awareness about the importance of dietary supplements and the importance of prevention in health.

We are a pioneer in promoting and marketing products unique in the world. And with that we support you to live in harmony with nature, more harmonious and richer. In the service of health is what nature has given us. Taking advantage of its best segments, VIVO Pluss has created synergy. And we have a completeness that is much bigger, stronger and different than the sum of its parts. These are our preparations. And when you combine positive energy and quality people, you also get synergy. Get magic. Get strength…

Our mission is precisely based on the inspiration of millions of people to feel the gifts of nature, create abundance and discover new opportunities for personal change.



A quality product is the basis of business of any serious company.

Company VIVO Pluss is a distributor of a wide range of premium quality products. The VIVO Pluss product range includes nutritional supplements - functional foods for our body, vitality products as well as beauty and skin care products.

The VIVO Pluss Company organizes its own consumer network that offers its members a number of benefits when buying a product. You have the option of buying the product at promotional prices as well as being able to receive a commission based on generating business in exchange for recommending products to new customers.

Company VIVO Pluss wants to encourage entrepreneurial ambitions in this field as we want our health products to be maximally available. Through the loyalty program, the VIVO Pluss Company is the leader of change in the field of business, which is why we have built the most stable and attractive system in this area. The VIVO Pluss Company offers you the ability to achieve the independence, financial security and flexibility you may have claim in life.

We have consolidated the most important segments, a healthy lifestyle and success in business. This is the basic foundation of our company functioning. Through the advancement of human life, we encourage and inspire people to well-being, purpose and abundance.

I can do anything! My body is strong. My mind is strong. My attitude is positive. I will prosper and be in good health. All segments of my life function optimally.

Your most loyal friend..,VIVO Pluss International

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