Platform is suspended

Geton Health InstantBeta platform is in the revision stage.

All details will be announced on GetonSupport.

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MetaCoin Resolution

Geton Startup Ecosystem was founded and designed to support and promote (tokenized) Instantbeta projects, using the DPMC model, J-Curve, and GROSH Mining Stake. Community interaction was through Supportive platforms, Project platforms, and/or Marketing platforms.

At the end of 2021 it was noticeable just one clear message:
1. Nobody is interested in initial Geton’s idea, presented in Whitepaper and providing possibilities to use system that WAY!
2. Each Getoin user (ecosystem's cryptocurrencil holder) want just to sell their cryptocurrencies and EXIT!

Following all the above parameters, this MetaCoin Resolution's purposes are to:
1. Transparently direct and adopt all vital measures, which can enable the Geton community to efficiently sell their assets and exit from somewhere where they don't want to be;
2. Help and support everyone, who is afraid of having control over their own assets, afraid of change, or not realizing of being trapped into a very dangerous "thinking pattern".

All details and guidelines regarding the MetaCoin Resolution and connected proceses are explained on GetonSupport.

Your platforms

Following the MetaCoin Resolution process, these platforms provide a supportive & safe trading environment to trade with your assets through Trading Order, effectively positioned inside Geton's unique Order-Book structure, and sell them per final DPMC price.


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Merging Process

  • May, 2021

    Merging process starts
    MetaCoin Presale

  • June, 2022

    Projet Structures
    USDT trading Order upgrade

  • July 2022

    Community Board

  • August 2022

    USDT Trading order complete
    InstantBeta announcements

  • Q4 2022

    MetaCoin Trading Order
    Approved InstantBeta launch